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Waking up in Bali was as surreal as it gets. It is moments like these that bring me even closer to god. If this beauty is here on earth how much more beautiful would paradise be?

We are a personal development organization with a passion for lifestyle design &  spiritual growth. We’ve had the privilege to work with hundreds of clients and enjoy blogging about our projects and adventures as often as possible.


We share our journey of personal growth and self discovery through our regular blogposts and videos. Sharing real honest lessons and stories help us connect, understand and explore.


We understand that your environment reflect who you are and it is very important to upgrade your lifestyle to suit the person you would like to become. On both our blog and Instagram we share lifestyle inspiration regularly to show you ways that you can upgrade yours.


We have created the perfect Workbook to kickstart your personal growth journey and give you a head start to creating a life you love. What makes this workbook a success is that it does not give you the answers and instead gives you the tools to pave your own path to success.
Recent Blog Posts

20 ways to Upgrade Lifestyle

| Blog | No Comments

Many of us often admire people who are living a beautiful lifestyle but never really focus on slowly improving our own overtime. A better lifestyle does not always mean more…

Bliss in Bali

| Blog | No Comments

BLISS in BALI   Waking up in Bali was as surreal as it gets. It is moments like these that bring me even closer to god. If this beauty is…

Self Care (less)

| Blog | 3 Comments

Often times as women we put ourselves last. It’s so easy to neglect our own personal need for happiness and joy. Weather u are a mom, wife, or daughter we…

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You never cease to amaze me, your spirit reminds me of what I want to be. You are inspiring!


"The audience were engaged and intrigued by your energy. Thank you for having such a professional approach to your work"

Ahmed GuleedPublic speaking, London

"The activities in this workbook made me gain clarity in my life. It's wonderful to have this to track my progress and to look back on in future"

Zuleikha KhanLifestyle Design Workbook

"I met Hoda at a networking event and I quickly realised her amazing outlook on life. Working with her has been extremely fruitful and I have reached many goals with her by my side"

Lauren Taylor1:1 Coaching

"I realised I had been self sabotaging my success and Hoda helped me get rid of my money blocks. I am in a far better financial place and I am living in my dream home"

Malika AkbarBusiness Coaching

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Inspirational workshops

All of our workshops are designed and delivered with you in mind. We pride ourselves in delivering life changing events.

Business Coaching

We understand the importance of creating a business that you love that supports the lifestyle of your dreams

Public speaking

From exam motivation to getting unstuck in life. Women empowerment and self love. Public speaking is something that stands at the forefront our business and a job we enjoy doing.

Personal Coaching

1:1 Coaching to reach your life goals whether they are small or big you will be supported to reach your milestones.